Striving to Improve
March 14, 2017

“Keeping it real” as they say now days, as we get ready for 2017 and looking into ways to get to your next level of improving your game, is what I consider the most overlooked area for most golfers. In my opinion the better players embrace getting closer to the hole and put in time and effort, whereas the players that struggle to improve either: A- Have not learned the skills and strategy to score better or, B- Have the skills and know the strategy but have not committed to budgeting time to improve.

When I get with a new or existing student and we go over how they practice and what components of golf they spend the most time on, universally it is golf swing. No doubt the full swing needs attention, but Touring Professionals average hitting 6 to 7 out of every ten greens they approach. What should that say to most golfers not on tour? So if we are “keeping it real” and you are reading this you are missing 5 out of every 10 greens or more most of time you are playing.


Getting up and down should always be a priority when looking to truly improve or maintain your game. Below are a couple of ideas to improve!

First of all if you do not feel you have the skills or understand basic strategy to improve I highly encourage you to find a local PGA Teaching Professional who can help give you a proper foundation to improve your skills. If you feel you do have a good foundation,
below are a couple of skill games to get you going.


1. Easy – Medium – Tough Challenge – Choose 3 easy chip shots 3 medium challenging chip/pitches and then 3 tough chip/pitch shots. Once they are chosen use the clubs you feel give you your best chance to execute plus your putter and score yourself. So you have 9 “holes” just like real golf and see how you do. You can play the same 9 shots again or choose 9 more. This is a great way to simulate real on course situations. Find a friend and do this or set benchmarks for yourself and do this on a regular basis.

2. Over the Shoulder Game – Again take 3 balls and gently toss behind you in different spots and again play 9 different shots around the green and see how you do. Play the ball where it lies just like real golf and score it. If you have a friend to do this he/she gets to drop or toss yours and you his/hers! This is allot fun and again simulates on course reality!

Hope this helps and let’s “Keep it Real” and take your game to the next level in 2017!