I Want To Get Better!
March 14, 2017
From the Range to the Course
March 14, 2017

In order to improve in any motor skill, which golf is unless you are very gifted, an understanding of the process is helpful. Below is a proven process to to get better at anything involving motor skill development.

• Believing you can learn is the most important aspect. There’s no way to learn with a negative mindset. 

• Be engaged in the process. A clear mental focus in all stages is very important.

• Stretch outside your comfort zone. Be willing to challenge yourself.

• Do it alot. In any motor skill development correct and repetitive motions are important to form a habit and make it more subconscious.

• You will make allot of mistakes along the process of skill development. Understand this is part of it. Stay the course!

• Do it a lot. Again golf is a motor skill that requires constant tuning for most. Be realistic relative to your skill level and time.

Enjoy The Challenge of the Game!